Here comes the exciting news!The annual Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo, also named AAA Exhibition, is now holding at the A zone of China Import and Export Fair center, the largest exhibition center in Asia, on April 3rd , 2018. The expo is wildly recognized as a high-end and convenient platform for amusement & attractions industry both at home and abroad.
Yes, you have guessed it! FuninVR, as a leading brand and pioneer in China VR industry, has again been invited to participate this yearly grand gathering even long before the preparation work of this expo. In order to present a dazzling products show, FuninVR prepared itself carefully till one day before the start of the exhibition. What VR products will be exhibited by FuninVR? According to the insiders, FuninVR today also brings the expo some newly released VR products, do you want to know more about the new arrivals? OK, let’s figure it out together.
Come with adequate preparation, FuninVR this time wants to play something big! It sets up an large exhibition booth covering 225 sqm with 10 kinds, 15 VR products in total. Actually FuninVR has two exhibition booths, one is the main booth(Booth S106), where most VR products (new products included) are showed, the other is the secondary booth(Booth703A), where visitors can experience FuninVR’s newly launched products. At the exhibition, FuninVR of course brings its classic VR products including 6 seats VR Dark Mars, Eagle Flight VR, Mini Dome Cinema, VR Earthquake Education Platform. All these VR products are warmly welcomed by on site visitors not only because of their sci-fi appearances or immersive and breathtaking VR experience, but also because of the practical meanings of some products. For example, the VR Earthquake Education Platform can be served as a suitable tool to popularize knowledge on earthquake, especially good for people living in earthquake prone areas.
Apart from classic VR products, FuninVR’s six newly released products also make their debut at the expo, they are VR Tank, VR Mecha, VR Karting, VR Racing Motor, Lucky VR Rocking Car, lucky VR Capsule Toy.
VR Racing kart
*Tailored-developed pleasurable games including Animal Kart Racing and Kart Racing.
* Equipped with HD immersive scenes and advanced space locating technology.
* Networking to compete, more enjoyable.
* 100% real kart maneuvers simulation.
*Small product dimensions with only 4 sqm, easy to transport and move.
*Sci-fi and eye-catching product outlook design.
VR Racing Motor
*Designed for multiple players competition, compatible with various customized games including Phantom Rider and Space Rider.
*Dynamic platform for more real motor riding simulation.
* More immersive riding experience with multiple special effects including wind-blowing, hip-vibrating and 3D stereo sound. *Mounted with a HD LED screen to project live game-playing status.
* Streamlined, showy sci-fi appearance, more eye-catching.
VR Mecha
*360°all-direction dynamic platform, moving ups and downs to offer breathtaking experience.
*Networking to compete with more fun.
* More accurate operation, smoother to play.
* Tailor-made games with frequent update push.
* Fashionable and attention-grabbing appearance.
Lucky VR Rocking Car
* Four seats design with higher area effectiveness.
* Customized kids VR goggle, blue light proof, causing no harm to eyes.
*Purposely designed education games, easy and interesting to play.
*360°full view presents more immersive and vivid VR experience.
lucky VR Capsule Toy
* A VR product designed for kids, high playability.
* Customized kids VR goggle, blue light proof, causing no harm to eyes.
*Simple but interesting education games, good for kids’ Intellectual development.
The ongoing exhibition has also saw the holding of China VR/AR Development Summit. Hejin, the vice president of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, delivered a speech on One-stop VR Profit Solution. He pointed out in his speech that the VR era is coming and the entertainment in upcoming ten years will be VR entertainment. He also claimed that the VR opportunities are shaping and on the way. He urged and encouraged people who have the ambition to make handsome profits from VR entertainment should enter VR industry now.
Hejin, the vice president of Guangzhou ZhuoyuanThe 2018 AAA Exhibition lasts three days from April 3rd to 5th . It is expected that in the coming two days, more visitors will flock to the exhibition. Let’s wish the exhibition a great success!
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