Are you interested in vr simulator?
Do you want to know more about the vr simulator entertainment?
If you want to earn more money from the vr simulator market,
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If in that way, you can not miss the Zhuoyuan VR Simulator Global Eco-Strategy Press Conference.

The Zhuoyuan VR Global Eco-Strategy Press Conference which hosted by Zhuoyuan will be held in Sep 27th, 2016. On that day, lots of VR industrial leaders, VR industrial media and our VIP clients will attend this press conference.


Upholding beliefs of “openness, cooperation and win-win”, Zhou Yuan cooperates with several top industry partners, such as Mili Pictures, Famiku, Goway , Century Network and so on to jointly promote the rapid development of VR industry in China and even in the whole world!


Last but not least, we will show you many mysterious new vr simulators in the VR Global Eco-Strategy Press Conference. Moreover, surprising gifts are waiting for you.


Zhuoyuan VR Simulator Global Eco-Strategy Press Conference
Date: 1 :30 pm, Sep 27th, 2016
Place: Guangzhou, China

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