The 9th China International Copyright Expo and 2023 International Copyright Forum concluded successfully in Chengdu, Sichuan from November 23rd to 25th.

The Copyright Expo focused on the creation, utilization, protection, management, and services of copyright, showcasing the achievements of high-quality copyright development. It is of great significance for establishing a positive image of copyright protection in China and promoting the construction of a strong copyright country.

As a representative enterprise in virtual reality technology from Guangzhou, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., made an appearance at the Copyright Expo. During the exhibition, Zhuoyuan showcased VR simulators such as the VR Magic UFO and VR Hoverboard, providing an incredibly immersive and cool experience that amazed and attracted a crowd of visitors who queued up to have a try.

VR Magic UFO

It is a breakthrough in performance for multiplayer VR products, allowing up to 5 people to experience it together. With interactive shooting and rich special effects, it creates a highly immersive and interactive journey in a different world.

VR Hoverboard

It utilizes the principle of balancing a vehicle, allowing players to control the direction with their legs and freeing their hands for a limitless competitive experience in the game world. And it provides players with a brand-new VR esports entertainment experience.

Supporting genuine products and protecting innovation

Zhuoyuan has always adhered to independent innovation and developed high-quality products and content that meet market demands. Currently, it has obtained 316 patents, including 56 design patents, 59 utility model patents, and 17 invention patents.

Zhuoyuan also has its own content distribution platform. It has developed over 500 high-definition and high-quality VR games that cater to market demands and has established deep partnerships with internationally renowned IPs such as Ultraman, and GG Bond. Most importantly, our company will continue to update and upgrade more high-quality games.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic VR industry, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. is not only a follower, participant, and builder of the Chinese copyright industry but also a beneficiary.

To combat infringing acts such as patent, software, and trademark infringement, Zhuoyuan resolutely defends its own rights and sternly combats piracy and copyright infringement, setting an example for the industry.

In the future, Zhuoyuan will continue to deepen its presence in the VR field and actively contribute to the “protection of intellectual property rights.” Together with others, it will strive to create a favorable industry environment and promote the healthy development of the industry.