One of our clients from South Africa purchased a VR equipment from FuninVR, showcasing that even with just one device, a strategic location can yield substantial profit opportunities with minimal investment and equipment.

The innovation of Virtual Reality technology has gradually become integrated into people’s daily routines, with its captivating and immersive experiences using innovative interaction methods that have garnered a significant consumer following. Particularly in high-traffic areas like malls, offering VR equipment for customers to try not only adds a technological flair to the environment but also entices more people to engage with the technology.

NameStar Twin Seat VR
Product Size1.92*1.14*1.93m
HelmetDeepoon E3
Rated Load200kg
Number of GamesVR35+7 Fun-coin +5D33
Measured Power1.2kw

As well all know, choosing the right location is crucial to success. Businesses should target areas with high footfall, featuring enticing amenities such as prime spots within the mall, nearby entertainment hubs, or popular gathering places. This maximizes the potential customer base and allows individuals to witness and appreciate the allure of VR devices at any given time.

In addition to the device itself, perfect service is also an important factor in attracting customers and maintaining profitability. Businesses should provide a comfortable experience environment, train professional staff, and ensure that customers receive good service when experiencing VR simulators. In addition, FuninVR periodically updates games and provides diversified VR content to meet the needs of different customers, so that customers can experience it multiple times and increase their rate of return.

All in all, businesses only need to choose the right equipment, select the right location, and provide excellent services, so that they can achieve success in the VR business. Whether it is the case of the South African mall or the future development of the VR market, we have reason to believe that VR technology will play an increasingly important role in business. Lastly, if you want to know more details about VR game machines, please contact us at any time!