This client is from New Zealand, once he came to china and took part in canton fair. In the show, he experienced the 5d cinema of Zhuoyuan. He found that it was a good business idea, and then he discussed with his family and did some market research, finally had a deal with our company.


After he received the 5d cinema equipment, he installed it in his mobile truck.. According to his feedback, he said that he like the 5d cinema very much, since he can drive this mobile 5d cinema to different places and meet different customer group. It was more profitable than the fixed 5d cinema. Also the mobile 5d cinema was so convenient, it just need himself to operate. Therefore it saved the labor costs. Since the business of the mobile cinema was so flourishing, he is planning to buy more 5d cinema from our company.
( Look, he made his mobile 5d cinema so cute and nice-looking. )

Thank you for your strong support and trust on our company. We will try our utmost to provide you the best service, let’s head for the successful future hand in hand.

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