The customer purchased a set of three seats 9D Virtual Reality and a single seat 9D Virtual Reality .They installed them in a shopping center.

zhuoyuan new arribval 9d vr2

Now, there are more and more clients ordered the 9d vr. Maybe someone will ask “Why”. The reason is that Zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality only use 2 square meter space,a breakthrough in traditional operation mode which reliance on storefront location,You can run this project in some crowded places, for example, Video Games City, Park, School, Shopping Centre,  Commercial Street……Low obstacle and little investment,easy to select a place to run.

zhuoyuan new arribval 9d vr

We wish all of our clients all business is booming, making plenty of money, flourishing source of wealth and a continued development in our business dealings!

zhuoyuan new arribval 9d vr3

If you want to know more about Zhuoyuan new products reliable 9D Virtual reality. Please leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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