1.A quality leapcreate a peak in entertainment technology

A perfect combination of three new technologies

Leading edge virtual reality technology、interactive simulative numerical control technology、 diversified entertainment content. A lot of different technologies are mixed together to make the virtual reality more perfect.

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2.A value leapthe most powerful wealth business opportunity.

(1)Innovate the traditional form of  entertainments,  launched a strong development of the further application about virtual reality.

(2)Constructing the business model of the virtual interactive entertainment industry chain

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3.A sense leapImmersive game experience

360°panoramic simulation+ dynamic interactive seat,from the view to the body,fully experience the stimulus and joy of the game。

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4.A content leaphas everythingyou could want

Ownage Burst、Sword Fighting、The Vast Universe and The Bright Sky、The Deep Blue Sea,and so on.  In a word, we have the things which you expect to find.

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