Tony ‘s snack bar has been opened about one year, but he just earn a little money. So he decided to add another project in his snack bar. Since he didn’t have enough money, he need to find a low cost project. He had looking for a long time, but still didn’t find the satisfied project. Unit he saw the 9d cinema simulator in a shopping center, and the warm atmosphere, hot scene of the 9d cinema simulator thus far are similarly impressive.

After long deliberation, he came to our company and want to get more information about the 9d cinema simulator. After our sales manager make a detailed information of the 9d cinema simulator. He had a good understanding of the market advantage. And make a decision to ordered the three seats 9d cinema simulator.

He said the 9d cinema simulator match with the snack bar is so perfect. The people which waiting to experience the 9d cinema simulator can order something to eat. This approach not only can effectively prevent the loss of customers, but also can earn money on both side. For this reason, he have get a big profit from his store.

We wish you all business is booming, making plenty of money, flourishing source of wealth and a continued development in our business dealings!

Zhuoyuan 9d cinema simulator and snack bar is good match 1Zhuoyuan 9d cinema simulator and snack bar is good match

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