5D movie is a virtual three-dimensional space by the film and the surrounding environment simulation composed together to create a new audio-visual systems. It is applied on the basis of 3D movies on the environmental effects, simulation and composition of the new video products, through to the audience to movie content linked physical stimulation to enhance the audience experience the true sense of the results. When the three-dimensional image corresponding to the events of the audience watching stereoscopic movies, video content along changes, real-time feel a storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist, etc. Paitui around, and create a video content consistent environment.

Simply 5D cinema is to let the audience from hearing, sight, smell, touch, dynamic film background and effects of these five areas to achieve the most powerful realism, realism can amplify ambient: viewers can isolate “Lightning, Smoke, Snow “, in the” flame “before a burning sensation when the waves bashing body will” wet “the clothes. Experience fall, vibration, wind, rain, leg sweep and other new real feeling. Through a unique landscape decoration, advanced computer software technology and three-dimensional graphics animation technology, the audience and the role of real-time interactive virtual screen movies.

Xindy 5D Theater, the use of seat effects and environmental effects, surreal visual experience with a special, irritant effects synchronized performance to simulate the scene and set up a special agency to mimic the actual event In generating contrast, while lifelike three-dimensional picture, as the story changes, simulate a variety of special effects lightning, wind, frost, rain, snow, and other explosive impact, visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement perfect blend , then add the plot style interactive games, and take advantage of interactive props, allowing the audience to participate and threw himself into the story among the simulation unreal experience, thrilling adventure.

5D Cinema