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Q: What is the difference between 9D Virtual Reality Cinema and 5D/7D/8D cinema?

A:There are 4 main differences:

  1. There is no need screen and projectors in 9D virtual reality cinema. Just wear the VR glasses,Then feel what you see.

2.The seats in 9D virtual reality cinema can have 360° Rotation,fully immersive.

  1. Different from shooting with real guns in 5D/7D/8D cinema,9D virtual reality cinema uses the advanced head tracking technology.Just move your head to aim at your target,then press the bottom to shoot it. you can use your head control the direction you want~!

Don’t need to do a complicated installation!

Zhuoyuan Company can design and match different equipment 15-2000 square meters according to different customers and business locations, and can also customize cinemas with different themes. Such as oceans, earthquakes and popular science-themed cinemas used in indoor playgrounds and amusement parks. The number of seats can be customized from 20-200 seats. Welcome new and old customers to order.

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