It can be said on the whole 7D interactive entertainment market is one of the most popular movies of the project, the former theater is always waiting a long row viewing experience of the team. 7D cinema why so appealing, and why are willing to wait in long lines to experience, why are all franchisees face smile every day, probably summed up in this small series 7D multiplayer interactive theater striking three characteristics:

1. Immersive feel. In the high-tech equipment “help”, moviegoers have a sense of immersive, environmental effects device can always be in the right plot, the automatic deployment of theater system, a corresponding environmental features, so you can immerse themselves in Snow drift of snow, or rain swirling in between thunder and lightning, will feel all the movie takes place in their side, but is so true.

2. Interactive competition. Each audience has a unique ID and the real picture, the computer will be assigned according to the different seating positions according to each person’s participation in different roles, and give different points based on the results of audience participation, after the end of the movie theater computer Points will be sorted according to high and low points, and ultimately the audience in the bottom photo shows the audience the corresponding points to get the highest score of the audience also get flowers and applause, the audience will get the lowest score to get booed, these computer systems are theater auto-complete, let the audience feel that they are real real Participated in in this movie. Viewing audience is actually involved in the process of an interactive game.

3. The 7D cinema can not only play 7d movie, but also play 5D, 4D and other movies. you can also download the most popular 3D movie screenings to find a suitable period of time, can be described as a multi-purpose machine, movie appealing, but also can play a variety of films, but also worry about not making money?

Three Main Features for 7D Multiplayer Interactive Theater Cinema