Xindy 9D dynamic theater, is an analog three-dimensional virtual space by the environment surrounding the film and composed together to create a new audio-visual system, which is a new product on the basis of 3D stereoscopic video movies plus environmental effects and composition through to the audience in the movie Content linkage physical stimulation to enhance the effect of the audience a sense of real-life experience. When the three-dimensional image corresponding to the events of the audience watching stereoscopic movies, video content along changes, real-time feel a storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist, etc. Paitui around, and create a video content consistent environment.

As a form of artistic expression film developed on the basis of the movie 7D, 9D movie visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement perfectly integrated, the audience watching the film, not only can “touch” the movie object, but also “met” wind, rain, lightning and other scenes, immersive and fun. 5D movie set in a variety of high-tech Dacheng, allowing viewers to experience the maximum simulated reality scenes. Phantom Star 9D movie is an excellent science facilities, allowing viewers to experience immersive Space Odyssey fun to intimate contact with the dinosaurs of the Cretaceous, the underwater world tour …… For example, when watching 9D movie, if the movie playback inherent rain scenes, we have done environmental effects will make the audience feel the rain on the body, the wind blowing the film, the audience will feel a synchronous wind, the fog from the movie, the audience felt the fog in diffuse around ……
9D movie theater is a form of artistic expression developed on the basis of 7D theater, it contains all the features 7D theater, the use of seat effects and environmental effects, surreal visual experience with special, irritating effects synchronized performance to simulate scenes and special agencies set up to mimic the actual event, generating contrast, while lifelike three-dimensional picture, as the story changes, simulated thunder and lightning, and more dark clouds, explosion shock kinds of special effects, visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement perfect blend, then add the plot style interactive games, and take advantage of interactive props, allowing the audience to participate and threw himself into the story among the simulation experience Unreal , thrilling adventure.
Thus, audience interaction to be involved in the movie theater 5D biggest ever interactive game features different from the shadow of the role and the film audience, and the audience has exposure to the film’s sense of mission and sense of accomplishment, coupled with the audience movie character interaction, while there are still scores of interaction between the audience game competition, which is repeated through the hair a considerable part of the audience watching the same movie impulses and desires. This is the unique charm 5D cinema, but also its commercial value is much higher than other theater lies.

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