The School of Operations, which is based on the concept of “opening, sharing, growth, and cooperation”, has been successfully held for two sessions.The industry generally believes that “FuninVR Carrier Business School” as the industry’s first operational experience exchange platform has greatly promoted the vigorous development of the national VR offline theme park, and further promoted the healthy development of the entire VR entertainment industry.

The 3nd store operation session, initiated and held by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, opens today at business training hall in Zhuoyuan’s HQ. What worth mentioning is that Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, a leading brand in VR equipment research and manufacturing, coming as the first one in the whole industry holds the kind of operation training for its franchised customers.A number of media, personally report this industry event!

The participants said in the self-introduction section that the VR market is very large. They are very optimistic about the VR industry and the prospects. I hope to learn excellent operation methods through this operation training, and thanks to Zhuo Yuan for providing this platform.

After a round of warm-up, the team of dozens of students will build 6 teams with full combat and learning ability. In the next 3 days, they will fight for the team, in actual combat simulation, group competition and other major links. Make a comparison to see who is the last king team!

The students were interested in the original content production process, original product design, and Zhuoyuan’s exclusive patented technology, and they were looking for staff to learn.

go into the factory for practical learning, understand the R&D concept and production process of “Quality VR”, and get to know VR equipment in depth!

Experience the coolest VR devices in person, and clearly define the product positioning, highlights, operation methods and introduction methods of each device!

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