The best location is a pedestrian street and square, because these places people flow, and throughout the year is relatively saturated. Parks, zoos, playgrounds crowd is mainly concentrated in the holidays, festivals, festivals and other time periods, other times relatively few people. There are university town, or a large enterprise campus youth focus is relatively good position.

7D theater opened in a different location, scale of operation in different ways. Suitable for small theaters opened in the pedestrian street or square, because the flow of people, 6-8 people will be able curtain, a ten minutes, you can not stop playing. The opening in the park, the zoo, playgrounds theater relatively large scale is necessary, because these places, mainly by fixed holiday, time to make money, these times are very focused audience, if too few seats, tickets go on sale limited, will miss the opportunity to make money.

7D cinema marketing depends mainly on posters, leaflets, commercials, and network buy, you can also engage in promotional activities according to various festivals.

What the Position Suitable for Open 7d Cinema


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