Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd designs and manufactures the full set 5D cinema equipment with the outside cabin.


Based on more than 14 years of Industry technology experience, a number of specialized technical skills and a contingent of skilled staff team, we devotes ourselves to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of 4D Cinema Seats, 5D cinema equipment, mini 7D cinema,Dynamic Simulant Platforms, motion chairs, and full set of 5D /6D/7D/9D/10D/11D /XD cinema Systems.


Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd have our own factory for those products in Guangzhou,Guangdong which means we can offer you best prices.As to the 5D cinema system,we developed the core part-control system which use to make sure all the special effect will be moved at the same time when the video goes on.

We have our own engineer team,that is our key point.”Quality is the life of an Enterprise”.

We are always strict in quality, from raw material purchasing to manufacture. Thus, we can ensure product quality.Currently, Good quality and after sale service makes us gain lots of customers all over the world.

Mysterious Golden Triangle 5D Cinema Movie,9D Cinema Dracula Movie ,  7D Cinema Dracula Movie , 5D Mobile Cinema Dracula Movie , XD Cinema Dracula Movie , Cinema Movie system

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