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We feel the quick pace of technological development in every aspect of our life. The entertainment industry has always been the most influenced by innovations. The invention of 5D cinemas allowed us to plunge into the world of virtual reality. This technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipment upon the human perceptive organs. You become totally involved in what is happening on the screen and feel movements, rays of sun, wind blowing, and humid air of the ocean breeze.

Many experts called the 5D technology a breakthrough in modern cinematography. It differs drastically from all previous inventions. The success of such films gives every reason to believe that all entertaining movies will soon be screened in 5D.

Already now the 5D cinema audience has an opportunity to watch a series of films of the brand new beneficial format. Exciting, dynamic plot, unusual visual and stunning special effects combined with new technologies, provide a lot of new experiences while watching. Thanks to these technologies a movie ceased to be a static event, now it’s an amusement ride of the future – a combination of a room of horror, roller coaster, big wheel and bungee trampoline. The most appropriate comparison you will find yourself after watching a movie in our cinemas.

5D movies are enhanced 4D movies with additional physical effects in synchronization with the film. In a 4D movie, 3D visual effects are combined with special simulations like chair movements including vibrations, sways, tilts, wave motions, or movements to any direction and other special effects, like wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers. 5D movies, goes one more step ahead, by introducing additional hall effects, such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smells etc

While stereo 3D image allows to see only volumetric picture, 5D Theater allows to plunge into the world of a virtual reality by means of mobile platforms with armchairs which move synchronically with a picture which is shown on the screen, and also, by means of additional 5D special effects , such as wind, rain, snow, fog, smells, etc. Such figures as 4D 5D, 6D, 7D… XD means advantage over 3D image, but different producers classify their film attractions in a different way, however we still speak about the same notion. Or in other words, 5D is a thrilling movie experience with a combination of 3D and 4D effects with additional motion programming.


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