My experience center has just opened for 30 minutes, attracting a lot of people to play VR games. It actually exceed my expected,At the begning I was worried about how to do business . The Sales manager also helped me specifically counted Analysis, passenger flow and investment cycle, , It not take a long time to recover the principal.

I implemented this project on July 1st, Because the store needs renovation and production cycle, I think the opening date can be put on the end of this month. On July 4th, The design and renderings have already finish, It is white and blue decoration. It looks very fashion, But it needs to be modified , Also the manufacturer is also very cooperative with me, Because I pay more attention to details,In the process. I have also put forward a lot of requirements more attention to safety. I hope that they will take this into consideration when designing. I am very grateful to them.

It is also worth that the sales manager went to the experience hall before the opening of the business. I am very satisfied that he help me training employees’ operational procedures, And insisting on tranning them to get more products knowledge. It was only 30 minutes after the opening of the day on July 26, And the door began to be crowded This is what I said at the beginning content. It actually exceed my expected, The Fashion earn money 9DVR Game theme park already has been Shock,Is it to you?

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