When we look at 5D cinema, often it will give us a lot with incredible shock effect, so that we are in the movie among the movie experience feeling. So much shocked by what kind of ways to show our side of that? It is estimated that most of us want to know, here we are saying is give us a shocking 5D cinema equipment have those.

Want to bring visual and physical and mental shock effect, we have listed some of the latest equipment to theater in public, the only way to make me appreciate the powerful technology.

5D cinema equipment in the visual effect is first passed through a screen, in which three-dimensional movies, we used screens are HD, dedicated three-dimensional curved screen, a good effect on the three-dimensional display screen, it will be more realistic;

In the movie you want to experience the immersive feeling, it is necessary to use special effects to our environment manufacturing machine, the device can simulate environmental movie scenes, creating a corresponding lightning, wind, rain , snow and a series of environmental effects;

5D cinema stereo, we also inseparable dynamic seat, if we watch the effects machine to bring the environment changes, then dynamic seat that gives us a dynamic environment, he was able to shake the earth, bio rubs your body when you feel so through the side, some of the columns that appear in theaters dynamic bearing with us related dynamic seat as we are by passing;

Everything is ready, only a strong three-dimensional glasses, if all the facilities are ready, but we lack the stereo glasses, then we see the film, is the film plane with a massage chair, and when we were like three-dimensional glasses with until after the eye, we will immediately enter into the movie, experience the fun of the movie.

See here is not to feel powerful technology ah? 5D of a shocking movie, is we need so many different high-tech products produced interlinked, I believe that in the near future, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, make us more perfect movie perfect, so our experience and enjoy a better life.

5D Movie Theater Equipment