With the changes of times and social progress, the cinema constantly updated. From 3D to 9D. From fixed area to mobile cinema. Nowadays, the mobile cinema is more and more popular, because they can move it to the place they want.


Mobile cinema is also called by traction flow theater, which is a virtual reality product, and using special seats and environmental effects, in scene simulation and special environment effect to imitate actual events.

There are a lot of advantages on the mobile cinema. The details are as follow.
1. The rent, deposit, transferable surcharge fees, decoration fees are saved.
2. You just need one employee to operate it.
3. You can also run the business by installation of GPS satellite tracking system.
4. Mobile cinema can be operated in the park, the scenic areas according to your needs. In addition, mobile cinema can operate 5D ,7D,9D…
5. The biggest advantage of the mobile cinema is mobility.

Zhuoyuan’s mobile cinemas was sold to many countries. According to the clients feedback, their business has been very good. Since when they drive the mobile cinema to everywhere, they can face and attracted different consumer groups. Also, some people drive their mobile cinema to travelling. They can travelling and making money by driving the mobile cinema. To kill two birds with one stone.


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