Recently,  somebody remark on the virtual reality simulator experience center on the net. They said that the virtual reality simulator experience center cannot made a profit consistently. So what’s your opinion? Mr He, one of our sales manager said that virtual reality simulators were popular in 2015, a lot of virtual reality simulator experience center opened rapidly. On one hand it’s showed that society was in urgent need of the virtual reality simulator, on the other hand it exposed some questions, such as product was simple, business model was not complete and movies were insufficient.
This question about how to let the virtual reality simulator experience center remain profitable was the focus of everyone. Zhuoyuan as the industry leaders, has put forward corresponding solving schemes.
First of all, pursuing the VR comprehensive experience center. Zhuoyuan took the lead in building VR comprehensive experience center solution. It can be customized to meet customer’s specific requirement, with thorough consideration of mixed factors such as visitor volume, operation space, etc. When you put different products in your VR comprehensive experience center, it could attract more player, so that it can bring you more profit.

Secondly, improving our franchisees’ operating capacity. We will hold regular training seminars, let some successful franchisees share their management experience.
Last but not least, speeding up the independent research and development efforts, including product development, movies production. The independent R&D products is good for virtual reality simulator experience center,since the unique products not only can increase the profit but also let them have a stronger competitive. Zhuoyuan owns an exclusive, professional movie crew to develop new VR movies for our customers’ continuous benefits. Therefore, our movie update is guaranteed and reliable, ensuring flexible and customized films well received by our customers.
In the future, Zhuoyuan will firmly focused on the R&D production, and continuous tointegrate the high quality content resources, strengthening the support to the virtual reality simulator experience center , so as to realize the steady growth of the market.


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