Christmas is coming soon. I am thinking about giving me some new equipment products in the game hall. I don’t know what styles .I was looking to be gone through another industry but changed my mind a bit once I see your advertisement by In exhibition 2019 in Paris

I saw on the Internet and I was attracted to it. It happened to meet exhibition 2019 in Paris, This advertisement changed my mind. Now in this era of rapid development, It is difficult to attract customers without new entertainment equipment. I found their official website on the website on sep 9th, 2019. I left my information and told their customer service. I was completely changed my idea with your product. I want to Setup some equipment in my city. Yesterday I attend they In exhibitionin Paris, Many people on the exhibition, Thank you so much for you introduce me your VR game machines and the machines are always the best attractions .The film of the 4-seater machine is very good. I hope that everyone can have a different experience, whether it is a child, adults are suitable for play, such resource integration, so that everyone can have my store consumption, My idea is mainly to order 6 seats dark mars, 1 set of VR Racing Moto, 1 set of VR Racing karting. 1 set of VR Twin seats

I hope that this Christmas will bring you different surprises! Looking forward to my VR machines

If you want to know more about the vr simulator . Please leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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