FuninVR is a supplier specialized in virtual reality entertainment devices, offering high-quality VR entertainment equipment to global customers. We are committed to delivering ultimate entertainment experiences to our clients.

Unparalleled entertainment experiences
We have a remarkable client from the United States who operates a stunning LASERTAG dinosaur park. The park features LASERTAG games, bumper cars, arcade machines, VR equipment, and party venues for kids. These diverse amusement attractions cater to customers of different age groups. Moreover, the park provides various delicious food options, offering visitors a one-stop entertainment and enjoyment experience.

In 2018, this client purchased an eight-seat 7D cinema from FuninVR. The cinema combines stunning visual effects with realistic dynamic seats, creating an immersive experience for players. Soon after the purchase, the client recognized the stable performance of these devices, as they have never encountered any malfunctions. This greatly satisfied the client, who spoke highly of FuninVR’s products and services.

As time went on, the client’s interest in virtual reality continued to grow. In 2019, they also purchased VR game simulator — VR Cinema from FuninVR. This addition further diversified their entertainment facility, providing players with even more options for an enhanced experience. Whether it’s immersive movie-watching or exciting gaming battles with friends, VR Cinema is a perfect choice to meet the client’s needs.

Product Size3.25*1.71*2.28m
HelmetDeepoon E3
Tilt angle for back and forthFore angle 12.5° Aft angle 15.5°
Tilt angle for right and left10°
Number of GamesVR32+7 Fun-coin +5D 33
Measured Power3.0 kw

In summary, the client from America is highly satisfied with FuninVR’s products and services, taking pride in the stable performance of the equipment and the variety of entertainment offerings. FuninVR will continue to innovate and bring more delightful VR arcade machines and entertainment experiences to our clients. If you are also interested in VR entertainment, feel free to consult us at any time!