I’m business for Steel material, and I didn’t know VR simulator before. Steven from Sri Lanka said , In fact . I’m a layman. I haven’t had any contact with VR before, and I don’t know about activities or marketing. But I have a kids theme park ,Very good for location,

I thought about customizing some products to match my Park. Later, I found the company Zhuoyuan VR on the Internet. The name brand is FuninVR. I want to design a truck cinema device order, my plan is to customize the truck seat and truck shape. The design and scheme have also been adjusted several times, Also the size. Zhuoyuan guys also worked very hard to give me One people ticket price and package price positioning, as well as the technical docking, although it is a small one. The truck theater was customized, but I saw that they were really serious about docking with me. In the process of business management, they also helped me design game package coupons. The service was very good and thoughtful. Now my park is So Many people experience everyday , and VR is a trend in general. I believe that with the development of technology, VR will become better and better, unstoppable! And we now invest a lifetime benefit, good!good!good!

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