Eagle Flight VR simulator is one of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s hot sell VR products, now the product is available for experience in Quebec, Canada. The Canadian customer has a physical store named Modern idea located in Quebec, Canada. The store mainly sells some latest and attractive tech gadgets like spy glass, fashionably designed projectors and game consoles. The customer himself is a fan of new tech stuff and he loves collecting creative gadgets and he thus opens a store like this. According to the customer, he knew GuangzhouZhuoyuan’s product in a tech exhibition, when he saw the Eagle Flight VR simulator first time he liked it and decided to know more about it. He later consulted a lot of more information about the product and he learned that the simulator is powerful in providing VR immersive gaming experience and it supports may types of game content like flight, skin, sky diving and drifting. The Canadian customer’s store is very welcome among locals, he claims that the simulator is new for them as well. And after the deployment of the product many visitors flux to his store and eager to experience the simulator. He hopes the simulator brings more people to his store.

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