After we show our new products Zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality onto the market, there are numerous people come to ask us “what does the Virtual reality mean”. Now ,we will show you the answer.
Virtual reality is defined as computer-simulated environments which are able to replicate a virtual presence in places that exist in the real world. Most of the current virtual environments consist of primarily visual experiences, which are displayed through a computer monitor. There are some virtual reality simulations that have the capability to add extra sensory information, such as sound or tactile sensation. The simulated virtual reality environment is often designed to feel natural presenting a lifelike experience. This can be very beneficial, especially when used for training and simulations during pilot or combat preparation. It’s very difficult to manufacture a high-fidelity VR experience, in most part due to limits on computer processing strength, image resolution, and bandwidth.
9d virtual reality 9d vr

Our company vision is “To become the first brand of Virtual reality. Our 9d vr is is typical of the virtual reality products. Besides this , our 5d dynamic cinema, 7d interactive cinema , f1 racing car simulator ,360 degree racing car simulator and 720 degree flight simulator also is the virtual reality products.

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