Put on the 9d immersive virtual reality helmet, enjoy flying in the Eagle Flight VR machine, and then the fantasy travelling will open in your eyes. Depend on the awesome Mecha appearance and fashionable around the globe, Eagle Flight VR has become a hot style product in Mexico. And depend on the advanced high-quality head display HTC VIVE, unique audio amplification technology, E Space VR Walk has become a popular product too. People in the shopping center, experiencing the latest VR machine, the fast development of VR tech has brought many creative VR gaming products to entertainment centers, and these VR products are trendy and widely loved by game lovers.

I am one of the big fans in the VR games, I has started focus on these VR gaming products for 2 years, searching on the website, finding a suitable supplier. After rounds of selection, I found a VR simulator supplier called Zhuoyuan. The product in the picture are purchased from Guangzhou Zhuoyuan and here I want to praised that the Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s VR products are very fashion in appearance design and very playable in game content. It give me a chance to share my favorite thing to the public and what’s more I have earned back the principal after 2 months of running. I hope that more and more people can consider this kind of product, and I believe that in the future, I will buy more and more 9d VR simulator from Zhuoyuan.

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