9d virtual reality simulator for sale

Introduction of 9d virtual reality simulator for sale

The three motion seats can move and be controlled separately, and add forward and backward simulation function. When the camera goes forward or backward, the platform rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, which makes players immersed in the games and gain a strong feeling of experience increased by 60%.

Three chairs can move and be controlled separately to better match the movement with film activities.

More movement combination: forward, backward, and enhanced feeling of experience

More effects: air wind, leg sweep, butt poker, smoke, etc.

Exclusive patented technology of crankshaft structure in the whole industry to guarantee better stability.

More attractive appearance with shining lights, upgraded chair, professional sound system and modeling platform!

Name 9d virtual reality simulator for sale
Brand Zhuoyuan
Color Blue with White
Rated power 1.2kw
input voltage 220V
Specifications 1x1x1.95m
Weight 354kg
Helmet Pico. DPVR E3, 3 Glasses
Warranty 1 year warranty

Choose 9d virtual reality simulator for sale , 5 advantages FOR YOU !

1. Fast experience, efficient return – just 5-10 minutes experience is enough to make each customers remember this terrific experience.

2. Little investment, low risk, instantly profitable – no screen, no noise, no decoration, and no need experience.

3. Easy to move – the smallest only need 4 square mater space, you can easily change your location to wherever is full with people.

4. Open- run business – eye-catching for every entertainment centers, shopping malls, parks, squares, KTV, movies theaters, amusement parks…

5. Full automatic mode – only need 1 staff for operation.

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