The grand three-day(from June 6th to 8th) 2018 Hong Kong IAAPA just concluded with a great success and fruitful results. Compared with other alike exhibitions, IAAPA is a relatively higher level one which apparently has a higher access threshold.

However this higher admittance requirement at least brings one good aspect, that is it can precisely attract more customers of high value. By participating IAAPA, it would be much easier for exhibitors to find their most potential customers.

And this fact was proved in this just concluded trade show. Many participants realized what they want, exhibitors nailed down cooperation with their customers, visitors personally saw and surveyed the products they need.

The 2018 Hong Kong IAAPA was one of its top priorities on its agenda this year, the company attached much importance to it and invested much energy in preparing itself for it as well.

For Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, this session of the exhibition was more than just a regular trade show, it was more like a stage for the more valued audience, a stepping stone towards a higher level of development, a conquered summit for bigger picture for the bright prospect in the upcoming future.

The two showcased VR products, VR Mecha and Eagle Flight VR, received great welcome both from our customers and visitors.

Though only two VR machines were showed, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s booth was always surrounded by many overseas customers, they said that Zhuoyuan’s VR products enjoy a good reputation for their high quality, good performance, fashionable design,and durability.

These overseas customers came from different parts of the world, like India and Philippines, they all came to Zhuoyuan’s booth for one sole purpose, that was to personally experience Zhuoyuan’s VR products and materialize cooperation with the cooperation.

Apart from customers, many visitors who experienced Zhuoyuan’s VR products also gave their good comments, some expressed that the VR game is so different from old fashion games they had played before, others claimed that the gaming experience via VR was amazing and immersive.

Indeed, the fast development of VR technology has actually reshaped the traditional gaming industry, bringing a transformation to the whole related game market.

It is widely believed that VR in the coming ten years will totally revolutionize the world’s game industry, game-playing at then will be so different from that in today.

This safely grants us a prediction that VR entertainment will be a gold mine waiting for being mined. And it is advised that anyone who has the desire to join the first batch of gold miners should act decisively and quickly.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan is a leading VR equipment manufacturer who specializes in developing and manufacturing top-notch VR products ranging from pan entertainment to kids education, science popularization,and military entertainment.

By offering one-stop VR profit mode for global customers, it, as of date, has more than 3500 offline VR franchised stores in more than 100 countries across five continents, helping tens of thousands of customers realize dreams of wealth.

For more details about our VR products and cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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