This is a world where you can go through the veil of time, experience the intimate contact with the monsters, experience the terror confrontation with the devils, overflight mountains and valleys, feeling the speed and passion.

It’s a most popular mini theatre, the chair system is hydraulic system with 6 seats together, adopted with all special effect like lighting, wind, snow, bubbles, rain, which give you a real feeling of the film.

Not only including a full set of equipments and full technical support, but also offer a very dynamic decoration design. We believe that it will become a new attractive point in your game center.

1. Dynamic seats move according to the film story. It is non-pollution, safe and reliable, there are safe belt and armrest on it.

2. Dynamic seats can go up and down, pitch, and swing. It is reliable. The over all structure is durable inuse, the designed fixed number of year is 10years

3.The seat material is a special antiseptic material, which can effectively kill several kinds of harmful bacteria.

4. 5D Motion Seats are subject to settlement, vibration, touch legs, jet, spray, ear the wind, ears and other sound effects functions; theater accommodated within the snow, bubbles, precipitation, lightning and other special effects devices. The above equipment in accordance with the contents of the film and make the corresponding simulated responses, increasing the audience into the immersive sense of excitement. (Special effects equipment can be made according to customer requirements increase or decrease accordingly).