Throughout 2013 Phantom Star is like a pacemaker, and constantly develop new film equipment and film to join the project, the entrepreneur speaking 7D cinema joined the revolution to come, big and small interface to get through, and little opportunity to change somebody’s coming . Meanwhile Mirage Star constantly reminded to entrepreneurs, “7D cinema” has become the preferred venture industry, the traditional cinema is behind a large portion, 7D movie will bring to revolutionize the film industry.
2014 to the trend of the film industry revolution has become increasingly evident.
First, stick to join the field of theater entrepreneur in 2014 will usher in the outbreak. If you have concerns in this area for 1-3 years, and understand its various operating modes, operating methods, 7D movie film market is not saturated moment, then congratulations to you. CFP entertainment like six rooms, picture industry, like class 58 city businesses, many are tired of relying on hard job job established barriers to competition. Appears to be humble, but it will eventually usher in a straight price realization, 7D movie, too, experience this powerful three-dimensional effects, realistic effects, the entertainment industry has become a dark horse.
Second, 7D cinema will be in dire straits cultural industries, including the media industry has brought new opportunities. All with 7D film-related service providers will be revalued, all joined 7D movie worth investors will rise, provided that the selected address and opening cinema equipment manufacturers.
Third, the silent film industry for over a decade of renewed vitality. After a two-year research and development of new industries movie, first-tier and second tier cities in China will be the overall upgrading of traditional cinema, cinema industry will be the next flashpoint.
Fourth, most of the entertainment consumer groups to provide fresh stimulus 7D cinema experience , will become in 2014 the most urgent of the hottest entrepreneurial choice. Due to the small investment, high return, annual earnings over five hundred thousand different 7D theater and a large theater, which is a mini theater, and features to enhance the effect, not the general theater can be compared with fresh stimulus to attract many viewers 7D movie.