5d cinema equipment, ah-tech products, which is totally different from the common movie, it allows you to become the protagonist of the film, enjoy immersive feeling, directly into the movie scene through touch, sight, taste, hearing and movement, everything feels in the movie.

Not only is the new product can bring a new experience, 5D movie let me once again feel the adventure travel, it also brings great business opportunities! Welcome to discuss the details, we will give you 100% satisfactory service.

1, you can hire two people operating theaters.

2, at the same time, we think we can do big business

5d movie is a new product, it is a huge business opportunity.

5d building dynamic seat six degrees of freedom:

1 / the optical projection system.

2 / seat system.

3 / sound system.

4 / effects system.

5 / broadcasting systems.

6 / accessories.

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