Mr. Liang is the local boss, He ordered Zhuoyuan vr equipment to create a virtual reality theme park. I followed him to live experience museum the first time, saw that six seats 9DVR and VR Treadmill platform, and environmental effects devices. He said: “This 9DVR technology using 360 °9DVR heads, head tracking sight, 360 ° swivel platform, dynamic interactive silo and more. Be able to blend into the surrounding objects and use real props such as handles and more. “

Mr. Liang explained to me how to use this device, he said: ” it can watch and match their own armrest shooting 360 °, Increase the realism of experience, The controller is also simple , Each holding a handle in both hands, where it will shooting, increasing the fun of the experience

Then, after armed, I sit on a 360-degree rotating platform and wait for them to initialize, get ready to fly .

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