The Internal Digital Senses Conference & Expo 2016 which held in PWTC Expo, Guangzhou, China, has come to an end.

In this exhibition, our booth still was the most popular place. Look, although we had booked the largest booth and had showed 7 sets of our virtual reality products in exhibition, all of the products were crowded around. Lots of people had queued up to experience the virtual reality products.

Such boisterous appearance, let many reporters come to our booth. What is more, the show organizers had carried out in-depth interviews with our general manager. In the interview, our general manager had put forward 5 concrete solving plans of Virtual Reality Entertainment Integration.

1.Improving service quality
Set up the industry’s first franchisees free operating training system and improve customer operation consciousness and ability.
2. Comprehensive virtual reality entertainment
Virtual Reality Experience pavilion can be customized to meet customer’s specific requirement, with thorough consideration of mixed factors such as visitor volume, operation space, etc.
3. Accelerate the development of virtual reality products
In March, we had released 5 new products.
In May, we had released high-powered space-time shuttle virtual reality simulators.
In the future, we will accelerate the pace of R&D , push more virtual reality landing project.
4. Theme park planning and design ability
We have a powerful and experienced management team, committed to build the most professional site planning for the customers.
5. Regroup industrial structure, optimize advantage resources
Cooperated with the outstanding virtual reality industry’s teams, optimize all of our virtual reality products.

This five solving plans will make Zhuoyuan even stronger in virtual reality filed.