Customers from Vietnam purchased Zhuoyuan VR equipment, he set up an unprecedented experience of the museum, To provide consumers with innovative entertainment model, the Virtual Reality Experience Museum has a variety of VR games, so that consumers in the real of virtual reality world, appreciate the different life. vr

VR experience to create a more realistic experience for consumers, in the virtual reality experience, they get the game in a sense of excitement more likely, so that their own pressure to relax. Consumers through the wearing of equipment’s glasses, In the dynamic interaction, they can experience the virtual world of the strange scene, into which, feel the sense of excitement. vr1

But Zhuo Yuan VR project is different with the ordinary VR experience, in addition to the common “egg shell”, more shooting, golf, aquarium, racing, CS and other games for consumers to experience, different VR experience, different Equipment, to create a more realistic experience of the scene for consumers , the achievements of their second life.

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