Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema

What is Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema?

Mini Dome cinema allowed us to be involved in the world of virtual reality, and this technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipment upon the human perceptive organs.

We could feel the effects such as wind blowing, rain spraying, snow flying,lightning blinking, fog simulation, bubble flying , air blowing, leg sweep, seat vibration, back vibration, etc. At the same time, we would experience the exciting motion of the dynamic seats, which drive us being in a fantasy wonderful world.

Why Choose Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema ?

1.360 degree immersion 3D without glasses, more free experience.

2.Professional action movement seat, 138 degree elevation, 0.4g accelerated speed.

3.special effect films, different content to meet peoples’ different favor.

4.Scientific cool style dome appearance, eyes catching!

Details for Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema
Item Value
Voltage AC220
Weight 1500kg
Measured power 3.5kw
External Size 5000*4000*3600 mm
Number of players 4
Number of  games 4
 helmet E3

Profit Mode For Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema

Mini Dome Cinema In Comprehensive Experience Center

Zhuoyuan Mini Dome Cinema In Exhibitiong

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