Sophia is a good mother. She have stayed home to take care of her baby for many years. Now, she thinks just stay home to take care of children is so boring and as a woman, we should have our own career and worth lifetime pursuit of the goal. So she want to do some business which in accordance with her interest. And she is interested in doing some business about the entertainment project. Therefore, she has been looking for a good project for a long time.

Finally, she met the virtual reality equipment while she travelling in Hong Kong. She queued for 15 minutes to experience the 9D VR machine. After experienced, she thought the 9D VR machine was so exciting and it let him have an immersive feeling. At that time, he was determined to open a 9D VR machine experience center.

And then, she found our company through our client whom have open 9D VR machine experience center in Hong Kong. Under our company’s help, Sophia has opened the 9D VR machine experience center rapidly. According her feedback, his experience center’s business are very hot now. Although she usually work late at night, she has earned lots of money from it.

We wish a brisk business for you all, flourishing source of wealth, happy family life and a continue development in our business dealings. Best wishes!

Zhuoyuan amazing product 9D vr machine with egg seats

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