XD CINEMA CAPSULE—New design, fashionable shape and quick return!
Firstly, XD CINEMA CAPSULE has fashionable spaceship shape, and she owns beautiful curve. She’s colourful, with white body, red mouth, red launcher, and black eyes. Also on both sides of the capsule, there’re two mini rockets. She is such a beautiful XD CINEMA CAPSULE! Everybody likes her!
She’s not only beautiful, but also strong, because she’s made of fiberglass. So she can keep itself out of wind and rain.
What’s more, she’s flexible because she has three wheels. So she can move easily. And she has slim body so that she can be put into 20 feet container.
Most importantly, she’s perfect with all cinema equipments inside. If only you connect cinema to power, you can open your cinema right now.
So, why not bring her home to attract more customers?