What is zhuoyuan professional hot sale 7d mini theater simulator?

It is a mini cinema suit the people of all ages, comprising of a chair system that is hydraulic or electric ally made with 6/8/9 chairs jointed together. It adopts special effects such as lighting conditions, air conditioning, falling snow, raindrops and motions, which give the viewer a real feel of the film.electric 7d cinema1
The 7D mini theater is what creates the mood that catches emotions and creates the expected quality of atmosphere. It includes 5D screens that are in accurate conjunction with the motion of objects. Stereo systems create the right mood for each particular scene take the movie goers to a world of simulation. It introduces physical conditions as in the movie. For example, water sprinklers and lightning for a rainy day, cooled smoke for fog, snowflakes for snowing periods, e.t.c. At the same time, we would experience the exciting motion of the dynamic seats, which drive us being in a fantasy wonderful world.  At the movie game, you could interactive with the things which appear in the movie.

electric 7d cinema
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