VR Battleship Game Machine

What is FuninVR VR Battleship Game Theme Park


Earn Money High Return VR Battleship 9D VR Game Machine Limited space to achieve unlimited exploration in the virtual world ! The challenge is never ending, the stimuli never stop, the experience is always different, covering all types of games, shooting, smashing, adventure, puzzle, education, always fresh ! VR theme park Essential equipment !

The Details for FuninVR VR Battleship Game Theme Park

Item VR Battleship
Voltage AC220V
Power 1.2KW
Weight 384KG
Rated Load 200KG
Player  2 PLAYER
Equipment Size 16700*16800*29800MM
The size of Screen 19 Inches

Profit Mode For FuninVR VR Battleship Game Theme Park?

FuninVR VR BattleShip  In The Exhibition

Great User Experience + High Profit = VR BattleShip

  • Classical design like a dinosaur egg.
  • Double seats, Site availability.
  • Low investment, Create high profit.
  • Rich contents, satisfy different people.
  • Variety of special effects.
  • Excited and immersive experience.

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