FuninVR virtual reality auto vr game machine

What is FuninVR Auto VR

The inspiration of hu manoid robot designed by FuninVR comes from the cute Wall E Robot. Combined with blue light embellish- ment and HD large screen display, it makes people deeply attracted.  Coin,card,QR code automatic lifting helmet shooting interaction, on-line combat, one click renewals,phone charging, and UV disin- fection are all support- ed. The whole process in- cludes various informa tion prompts, voice broadcast, play way in- structions,etc. Thissimple operation of au tomatic guidance can let players learn to op- erate directly.

The Details for FuninVR Auto VR

Item Auto VR
Voltage AC220V
Power 0.5KW
Weight 197KG
Rated Load 197KG
Player 1 PLAYER
Equipment Size 2100*15400*25700MM
The size of Screen 42 Inches

Profit Mode For FuninVR Auto VR?

FuninVR Auto VR  In The Exhibition

Great User Experience + High Profit = Auto VR  Simulator 

  • Fully self-service consumption, reduce labor costs.
  • Shaped like a robot to attract crowds.
  • 49-inch high-definition touch screen display game content.
  • Rich and diversified games.
  • Exclusive online VR game “Atonement Action”.
  • Automatic lifting helmet, magnetic suction handle, easy to operate.
  • Support multiple payment methods, convenient and fast.
  • The helmet is UV disinfected.

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