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This is guangzhou zhuo yuan machinery Co.Ltd.


We are the professional manufacturer of truck mobile 5d cinema equipment we have our own factory located in Panyu Guangzhou China.


Please see the attached catalogue of our company.


Can you tell me how many seats and what system you need ? As we are making different seats for option with two system: hydraulic and electric system.

Please see some explaination of truck mobile 5d cinema as below.

truck mobile 5d cinema is a real money printing machine which can help you and our customer to earn more money.

For each films is only last for 4-15 minutes.And most of the films are in 4-7 minutes.Each hour you can play 7 times, just suppose each times you have 4 audiences, and each ticket is USD 3. One day your cinema open 5 hours.

So total in a day you can get 4*3*7*5= USD 420.

Each month you can get USD 12600.

( If you run bussiness longer, sell higher price for the ticket, attract more customers, for sure you can earn more.)

Hydraulic 6seats detail list:


12 sets Special effect:


We are making 6,8,9.12,16,24 seats or even more seats 5d cinema 6dcinema  7dcinema  9d cinema 11cinema as customer’s requirement.
In 5d 6d 7d 9d cinema industry there are 3 systems: Pneumatic systme ,hydraulic system and electronic system.

Pnematic is the oldest one and it is replaced by the hydraulic and electronic system.
We are making hydraulic and electronic system at the moment.
Electronic system is the most updated technology system which motion is more accurate  and with less maintenance.
We have total 12 spcial effects:Leg Sweep; Ear Wind; Back&Button Push; Rain& water effects; Snow Effects;Bubble Effects; Wind Effects;Lightning Effects, Smoke/Fog Effects, Fire lamp.aroma effect.
Actually truck mobile 5d cinema are the same concept, they combine the 3D image with special effects system including motion seats, sound system, special enviromental effects( water/rain, bubble, smoke, lightning, wind etc.).
But why we call them differently, the major difference is just the special effects.
We upgrade the system and adding more and more special effects so they are in different name but same notion.
6D has more special effects than 5D, while 7D has even much more special effects than 6D.
More effects give you a much better show of the movie, so the moviegoers are feeling more real,And you can attract more people, make more money.
Furthermore, we can see many 5D , but if you open a 7D, that’s totally new attraction, which can be very attractive. It’s just another way of advertisement, another way to run the business.

So base on 5d we upgrade 6d 7d 8d 9d even 12d by adding more and more special effects and the most important thing is that we have a special action collector,  some of our customer call it joystick which allows you to edit and make your own movies or you can make the movies what ever customer like.

No supllier in China can offer this action collector but we can as we create them.

Sorry for my long mail and i hope these information can help you to know more about 5d 6d 7d 9d cinema industry.



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Our company is aimed at making the stereoscopic cinematography approachable, then creating a group of entrepreneur, we introduced a completely independent brand join mode. The mode has a good predictability for the market that is low input and high return. We provide you with 3D, 4D and 5D theater decoration, special effects design,engineering installation and commissioning, marketing management and other one-stop service!


Guangzhou zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the management idea of “win-win cooperation and honesty altogether”, constantly strengthen the cooperation with agent and franchisees, bringing a new trend of dynamic film to old and new customers, we give service to every customers with the aim of popular, specialty, happiness and sincerity, we have the service concept of heart so relieved, creating a wonderful memory for each investor.


Our Service:


A:You can come to China our factory in person or send your technicians, we have our professional technicians teaching you how to install and operate 5D and offering you trainnings.

B:If you have no time coming to China, then we will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos showing you the installation of 5D step by step.

C: We are very experienced in overseas installation by dispatching our technician to your location to complete the installation of 5D. But some other extra fees like visa, round-trip tickets, acommodation of our technician should be borne by you.

2).One full year factory warranty

We offer you one full year factory warranty. During this period we will offer you online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.

3).5D Movies

We have our own professional team working on the 5D movies, normally we can update 2-3 new movies every month to our customers.

So besides the movies after you buy the cinema we send you, which is 40 movies, we will update 2-3 movies per month to you during the period of warranty (one year).

4).Tickets, Posters and Flyers

We can supply and design the tickets for you. When it comes to holidays like Christmas, New Year etc. we will make posters and flyers for you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.


Our products are CE aprroved and Tested by SGS:



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