Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has been vigorously preparing this operation training session for weeks, hoping to make it a complete success. About a week ago, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan officially sent its invitation [➤Invitation of the 2nd Traning Session] to all franchised customers to invite them to attend the training session. And finally today Guangzhou Zhouyuan’s second training session opens grandly.

The 2nd store operation session, initiated and held by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, opens today at business training hall in Zhuoyuan’s HQ. What worth mentioning is that Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, a leading brand in VR equipment research and manufacturing, coming as the first one in the whole industry holds the kind of operation training for its franchised customers.

And that not only sets a good example for all the players in the VR industry, but also contributes a lot to improvement of the whole industry’ s service standards.

Franchised customers of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan who attending the operation training session come from different parts of China, they travel through all the way to here only for one purpose, that is to sharpen their skills on VR store operation so as to make it easier for them to profit better.

On the morning of May 17th, 2018, all attending franchised customers are transported by a bus from hotel to Zhuoyuan’s HQ and they are separated into several groups for the convenience of training class participation. 

According to the organizer, the training session this time has invited some VIP franchised customers who are very experienced in store operation and applying marketing strategies.

They will respectively give a lecture on various subjects related to store operation and share their personal experience on running their stores.

There is a saying that practice makes perfect. In order to help franchised customers apply what they learn in classes, after every training class all franchised customers will be required to do some practice tests to make sure they comprehensively master the know-hows on store operation.

What should also be highlighted is that two foreign franchised customers, who show much interest in the training session, are invited to the training class as observers.

The whole operation training session lasts three days from May 17th to 19th, during which all attending franchised customers will be tightly scheduled to have training classes on detailed parts of store operating skills given by experienced trainers.

What showed below are the main class contents for this session of operation training:

Day1. May 17th


➤➤Store project-making and plan-making

➤➤Strategy on team-building

➤➤Practice test in class

Trainer: Hejin(the vice president of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan)

Day2. May 18th


➤➤Field survey to Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s R&D enter and manufacturing factory

➤➤Strategy on making tailored VIP promotion system for stores

➤➤Skills on store operation and management

➤➤Management methods on store services

Trainer: Feng huilin(a senior advisor with 12 years experience on marketing and business management)

Day3. May 19th


➤➤Strategy on planning store promotion activities

Trainer: Wei bingwang(a senior trainer with 8 years experience for store management, marketing and strategy-making)

➤➤Standardized procedures for team-building

Trainer: Hejin

➤➤Graduation ceremony of the training session

The agenda for the three-day training is very tight, however we have every reason to believe that franchised customers will gain a lot from the training session.

After taking the training classes, they later will become more skilled and clear on VR store operation, bringing themselves a higher rate of success.

The VR industry is on the way to its heyday and its never too late to enter the industry before the full exploitation of the market, but it will be too late to bring yourself in after that.

So, every far-sighted investor or businessman who has the determination to take a piece of the burning-hot market should take quick actions and stop wait-and-see.

The gold rush in VR industry is already started, go and grab your gears to dig yourself the first bucket of gold in VR mining ground.

Lastly, let’s wish the operation training session a great success.

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