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What is It is a most popular mini 5d cinema, the Luxury 9 seats 5d cinema factory ?

The main difference between 5D cinema and 3D format, in particular, is that 3D lies in visual effects experienced by the audience while watching a movie. Using 5D equipment gives the opportunity to involve not only sight and hearing but other organs of human senses such as touch and smell, even lost gravity!



By creating a set of 5D effects that are synchronized to the film production, the 5D theatre adds another layer of immersive fun for the audience.


Special Effects


The essence of 5D depends on the experience of physical effects that compliment the 3D movie being projected. These special effects are:


Water spray effect

Bubble effect

Leg tickling effect

Strobe lighting effect

Blowing wind effect

Smoke effect

Fragrant effect

Fire effect

Ear wind



Seats can move?

Xindy’s dynamic interactive seat system is based on ergonomically designed to guarantee the best comfort and complete safety to the audience while the simulator is on motion.

We provide 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF) :


1. seats namely moving up and down (heave)


2. moving left and right (sway)


3. tilting side to side (roll)


4. tilting forward and backward (pitch).


The action orders synchronized to the film precisely.





Why we stand out?


1. We add position sensors on the platform, machine is more durable and equipment lifetime will be longer than normal platform. Simulation represent the best in the market!
2. Our software support 24 special effects.
3. We offer movie special effect collector, you will be allowed to decrease and increase special effects by yourself.
4. Our seats cushion and backrest will shake when platform works.


Seeing is believing! Welcome to test our new model!


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Conditions to set up a cinema


1.A room about 5.5m*3.2m*2.8m (A 6 seats cinema for minimum space )

Or a truck.

2.1 or 2 staffs to run the shop.



Equipment list



I love movies!


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After-sale service:

One year guarantee for major components, lifetime technical support!


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