In the Dominican Republic, one of our clients has found great success with his VR Zones. These zones provide fun and engaging virtual reality experiences to tourists visiting the country, and they have become a popular destination for families and friends looking to create lasting memories during their vacation.

This operator currently runs six VR Zones, all of which are located in busy hotels throughout the Dominican Republic. Some of the zones are set up indoors, while others are situated outdoors, offering visitors a variety of different experiences depending on their preference. Recently he placed an order from FuninVR again, totally 7 VR game simulators including VR Dark Mars, VR+, VR Mecha, VR Cinema, Eagle Flight VR, Star Twin Seat VR and 360°VR simulator.

No matter where they’re located, these VR Zones are always full of tourists. This is because they offer a unique and exciting way to spend time with loved ones while on vacation. The experiences offered are full of adventure, excitement, and wonder, making them the perfect activity for tourists of all ages.

What’s more, whether visitors want to soar through the skies, explore new worlds, or try their hand at extreme sports, these virtual reality equipment have something for everyone. The operator behind these zones has done an excellent job of creating immersive experiences that leave visitors feeling thrilled and wanting more.

All in all, the success of these VR theme parks is a testament to the operator’s vision and dedication. By creating unique experiences that appeal to tourists from around the globe, they’ve created a business that not only provides entertainment but also helps to boost the local economy. For anyone planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, a visit to one of these VR Zones is an absolute must! Last but no least, if you are interested in opening VR store, please feel free to contact us for more information!