A Filipino client recently bought a VR game simulator from FuninVR and set it up in his arcade zone, introducing an amazing gaming experience to his visitors. This blending of electrical gaming with virtual reality technology has introduced a much more immersive and innovative gaming realm for players.

Arcades have long been popular destinations for entertainment, attracting countless gaming enthusiasts and leisure seekers for decades. However, as technology continues to advance, the gaming experience has evolved and progressed. The emergence of virtual reality technology has provided significant opportunities for the arcade industry in recent years.

FuninVR’s VR Magic UFO, a virtual reality machine, offers players an truly immersive gaming experience. By combining the strengths of arcade gaming and virtual reality technology, players can fully immerse themselves in a virtual world and indulge in the excitement and pleasure of gaming.

There is no doubt that investing in the VR equipment was undoubtedly a wise choice. Because incorporating this device into their arcade contributes to attract more customers and provide them with an entirely new gaming experience.

Diverse selection of games

In addition to thrilling gaming experiences, the VR Magic UFO offers players a wide range of game options. Whether it’s intense shooting games or realistic roller coaster simulations, players can choose from various types of games based on their preferences and cater to different demands.

The Filipino arcade not only expands its business horizons but also enhances the gaming experience for its customers by introducing the VR Magic UFO. This convergence of arcade gaming and virtual reality technology infuses new vitality into the arcade industry, providing heightened enjoyment for users.

Both game developers and players will find new opportunities and challenges in this fusion. It is believed that in the near future, the collision between arcade gaming and virtual reality will generate unexpected gaming experiences, offering people a richer and more thrilling entertainment avenue. If you are interested in getting involved in the VR business, welcome to contact us for more information!


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