According to the survey, the shopping center is so popular in recent year. With the improvement of living standard, there are more and more people like to go shopping in the shopping mall. Making use of the native resources advantage, and set our 9d virtual reality in it. With the large flow of people , are you still worrying about losing money?

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality 1

Look, our client just set the three sets 9d vr in the shopping center and testing the equipment. Though the 9d virtual reality egg not really in business yet, it have attracted lots of people to gather around. It is also conceivable that it can attract more and more people after our client start business and earn more money.

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality

We wish you all business is booming, making plenty of money, flourishing source of wealth and a continued development in our business dealings!

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality 2

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