The Guatemalan customer has recently placed an order with FuninVR for two VR rides, respectively VR Racing Moto and VR Dark Mars, which is their fourth repurchase. This consistent repurchasing behavior clearly indicates the high satisfaction the customer holds towards FuninVR’s products and services.

This is not only due to the quality and innovation of our 9d vr simulators but also because of the comprehensive customer support provided by FuninVR. From selection to utilization, FuninVR’s team consistently delivers efficient and professional service, ensuring timely and satisfactory resolution of every customer’s inquiries.

VR Racing Moto and VR Dark Mars are two of FuninVR’s popular VR machines, combining highly immersive virtual reality experiences with astonishing technological innovations, enabling players to immerse themselves in virtual games and experience thrilling excitement. These devices are not only popular in Guatemala but also enjoy widespread recognition and acclaim globally.

NameVR Dark Mars
HelmetDeepoon E3
Rated Load600kg
Measured Power3.5kw
Product Size4191*2983*2358mm
Number of GamesVR 34 + 8 Fun-coin games

In addition to outstanding product quality, FuninVR is also renowned for our excellent customer service. We offer prompt responses and effective issue resolution support, ensuring customers consistently receive the best experience throughout their usage. This customer-centric approach to satisfaction is one of the key factors in garnering ongoing support.

As virtual reality technology continues to evolve and become more prevalent, FuninVR will continue to provide leading products and services to meet the growing demands and expectations of customers. And the continued support from the Guatemalan customer undoubtedly serves as the greatest encouragement and recognition of FuninVR’s efforts. If you’re also considering participating in VR entertainment, please feel free to contact us for more valuable information!