There is an opportunity for making money!

    2014  interactive 7D  cinema ,the smart investment in

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery CO.,Ltd.

             Hydraulic and Electric technology are our strong line in this field!!

What is interactive 7D  cinema?

Currently 5D cinema is also popular, but interactive 7D  cinema will be the most popular.

5Dcinema is based on technology of 3D cinema, it is a new digital movie technology, compromising

various complicated special effect like lightning, snow, vibration, spray and so on.5D cinema viewers

can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble,

smell, lightning, legs touching, photo snap shooting system and other effects.


7D cinema is based on 5D cinema, and we added interactive guns in the platform and made special

7D movie games for it.


In one word: 7D = 5D + interactive game movie + more profit

 Hydraulic technology 6DOF(degree of freedom) platform feature:

      1, We can offer 6 seats,8 seats,9seats,12 seats in one platform. Standard power is 380V.(220V also can work with a frequency converter.)

      2, The brand of motor is S.Y from Taiwan, the oil pump is EALY also from Taiwan, we provide the best quality equipment to customer.

      3,There are 10 effects such as :rain, snow, bubble, lighting, wind

           luxury chair effects: leg sweep, blow air to face, blow water to face, vibration button, vibration back.

       Electric technology 6DOF (degree of freedom) platform feature:

       1,It supports 6 seats in one platform on the market of China.Standard power is 220V.

      2,The brand of electric cylinder is Servo, very famous.

      3,There are 12 effects such as :rain, snow, bubble, lighting, wind, fog, smell;

         luxury chair effects: leg sweep, blow air to face, blow water to face, vibration button, vibration back.

 Why we stand out?

       1,Approve DIY movie, you can make any movies as customer prefer

       2, There are two kinds of chair,luxury chair and normal is  specially for the foreign market.
       3, Intelligent management system, it auto to calculate amount audience all day openings

       4,There is a strong technology research team(3 doctor of engineer) in our company, specially our boss Mr.Yang is a doctor of engineer, we pay much attention to the quality. our after-sale service and technology support is best.


              2013 hot sale newest design cabin for

electric technology 9seats 7d cinema system