WOW!!!!! Although Zhuoyuan 9D VR just appeared on the market, have attracted lots of clients to order. Mr. Omar from Morocco is one of them. He have order 5 sets of Zhuoyuan 9D VR.

Mr. Omar is a huge fans of Zhuoyuan . Before he order the 9d vr ,he had purchased numerous products from Zhuoyuan.

In April, he have purchased 2 sets of 7D interactive cinema and 2 sets of 5d motion cinema.

In May, he have purchased a set of 720 degree flight simulator and a sets of F1 racing car.

In June ,he have ordered 5 sets of 9d vr.

He is worthy of the title of huge fans of Zhuoyuan Company.

We sincerely wish all of our client’s cinema great success after opening with good luck and a development with prosperity! Thank you for your support and recognition.

zhuoyuan 9d vr Morocco zhuoyuan 9d vr Morocco2

zhuoyuan 9d vr three seats

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