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2014  7D interactive cinema ,the smart investment in


       Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery CO.,Ltd.


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What is 7D interactive cinema?

Currently 5D cinema is also popular, but 7D interactive cinema will be the most popular.

5Dcinema is based on technology of 3D cinema, it is a new digital movie technology, compromising

various complicated special effect like lightning, snow, vibration, spray and so on.5D cinema viewers

can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble,

smell, lightning, legs touching, photo snap shooting system and other effects.


7D cinema is based on 5D cinema, and we added interactive guns in the platform and made special

7D movie games for it.


In one word: 7D = 5D + interactive game movie + more profit


All marvellous scene can be achieved through our advanced Electric and Hydraulic Technology



6 DOF(Degree of Freedom) Hydraulic platform system:


6 DOF Hydraulic Platform Advantages:



Large extension movement, better simulated the space motion, strong experience feeling, heavy loading,


suitable for more people at the same time, the motion much smoother, corresponding with the films,competitive price.



6 DOF(Degree of Freedom) Electric system


Electric platforms are powered with servo motor controlled systems.


All airplane simulators for used pilot training are using servo motor controlled pistons. the reason is to

get fastest and most accurate movements according to movie. servo motors are used for robot arms and work

very fast and very accurate. That’s why we are using servo motor systems in our platforms.


Customer must be aware that not all 5D or 7D cinemas are controlled in the same manner.


Customers must know that only 6 Dof controlled system can make all movements.  It can only be on platforms,

not on basic chair systems. so if you are looking for a real simulator. pls make sure that they set on platform and

has 6 separated servo motor controlled pistons. This system can fly on the air like. It can do all movements.





6DOF Electric Platform Advantages:


More reliable design


No  noise at work platform


No need  servicing like pneumatics system


Preciser seat action


More movement direction


Bigger seat movement space


Better and long lifetime cylinder



Special Effects:




Snow effect                                                Water spray effect




Bubble effect                                              Leg tickling effect




Strobe lighting effect                                 Blowing wind effect




Smoke effect                                             Vibration




Fire effect                                                   Ear wind




We can also offer ghost effect, perfume effect and other effects for your option.




Our fashioned luxury fiber glass motion Seats for 7D cinema:



Your Income Analysis

If you run a 7D interactive cinema, of course, you will get more.



Excellent service


1. provide experienced business management and qualitative after-sale service for the customers


2. feedback the marketing information to the customers


3. follow up customers regularly


4. Provide all sorts of consultation. Based on rich experiences and strategic relations with customers


5.One full year factory warranty


6.Tickets, Posters and Flyers free for you


7.5D 7D Movies


we offer 70 movies and we will update 2-3 movies per month during the period of warranty



Why choose us


1  Zhuoyuan is the first professional manufacturer of 4D cinema,5D cinema,6d cinema,7d cinema,


8D cinema,9d cinema,11D cinema,12D,cinema,XDcinema and truck mobile theater, park cabin


cinema equipment.


2  We have our own factory located in Panyu Guangzhou China and we have a strong technical team

3 There is a strong technology research team(3 doctor of engineer) in our company, specially our boss Mr.Yang is a doctor of engineer, we pay much attention to the quality. our after-sale service and technology support is best.


3  Now we are the long-term supplier of CCTV(China Central Television)



Welcome to our company and check our product line!




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